Prices & Services

Cat Visits
£10 per day

 2 x 30 minute visits


Litter change

Time for cuddles (if cat permits)

    Due to high demand, overnight stays at your pets home are available at a charge of £28 per night this includes all feeding, an early morning walk, an evening walk. The cost is per household regardless of number of pets. 

    Dog Walking

    1 dog

    £6 for 30 minutes

    £10 for 60 minutes

    2 dogs

    £10 for 30 minutes

    £15 for 60 minutes

    I currently only take a maximum of three dogs in any hour period to allow me some bonding time with your pets.

    House Visits

    I also offer house visits. Priced at £5, this option is perfect if you work long hours and need someone to check on your pet during the day.  I will spend 30 minutes with your pet, and in this time I can feed, give cuddles and let out into the garden. 

    House visits from 'Tracy's Walkies' give owners the peace of mind that can only arise from knowing your pet has not been left alone all day.

    If you require pet sitting or vising for any other animals, large or small, please contact us & we will do our best to accomodate you.

    The not so fun bit

    Contract, owner information and vet release forms must be completed.  Dogs must be wearing a dog tag with their name and phone number on. This is a legal requirement. If you wish me to allow your dog off the lead you must complete an authorisation and waiver form this is required by all insurance companies.

    Payments must be made in advance for pet sitting. Payments for walking must be made weekly at the end of the working week & before the next working week starts.  I can accept payment by cash, PayPal, or bank transfer.

    Tracy's Walkies

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